Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parts of Speech

When I listen to Republican politicians and talking heads refer to their colleagues across the aisle as the "Democrat" party instead of the "Democratic" party, I wince and smile at the same time. Aside from the problem with nouns versus adjectives (republican is an adjective as is democratic, democrat is a noun), we live in a democracy, and I'm sure the Republicans don't want to refer to the Democratic party as, well, democratic. It might lend credence to the idea that a Democratic administration actually has the right to govern the country, an idea that's anathema to the Republicans.

Since the bloody Republicans feel free to rename someone else's party, I'll exercise the same liberty. From now on, I shall refer to the Republican party as the Dogmacrats, or the Dogmacratic party. We can call the Democrats the Pragmacrats just to be fair, if you like.

Because it's true.

I feel as liberated as Rush Limbaugh.

1 comment:

  1. OK, you got me thinking about the whole adjective/noun thing, and it made me think of a keg party. Merriam-Webster on-line lists keg as a noun only. Probably their mistake. Didn't the editors at Merriam-Webster go to college?

    I used to be naive and think that people were just making a mistake when they called it the Democrat Party. I wonder how many people are aware that it's intentional.

    Dogmacratic Party? I'll second that name change.