Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Bloviating about Torture

The next talking head that says that waterboarding is not torture can kiss my ass. They haven't been waterboarded. I have. They are wrong.

If you want to voice an opinion in the national media on whether or not waterboarding is torture, get waterboarded. Or shut up. I went through SERE Level D. The least you can do is take the waterboarding like we did it in level D so you can know some damn thing about what you are talking about before you speak.

This bothers me. It should bother everyone.

If you are an ordinary decent citizen, then you are entitled to your opinion regardless of whether you've been tortured or not. But if you hold yourself up as an authority on the matter, you should actually be one. If you haven't experienced the hell that is being waterboarded, you are not an authority. And you should, therefore, shut up.



  1. Thank you for standing up and telling everyone that yes, it is an elephant in the middle of the room! Bravo!
    - Jerr

  2. Are you saying that it's obvious that waterboarding is torture, or that it's obvious that the right wing lies? (such as waterboarding prevented attacks on this country; Obama is a communist). My point was the latter.