Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wiliam Sparkman, Killed for working for the Federal Government - a Preventable Death?

William Sparkman, a part-time census worker, was, according to the Washington Post,

found dead in the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southeast Kentucky. A rope was wrapped around his neck and tied to a tree; his feet were in contact with the ground, according to the Kentucky State Police and FBI.

The word "Fed" was written on his chest.

That makes me think that maybe he was killed, lynched in fact, by people who hate and fear the federal government. The right wing tea party or militia types, that sort.

The militia guys are, first and foremost, armed people. I thinks it's common sense to say that the right are more likely to be armed, and to support our right to be armed.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am politically very left wing. They also know that I am well armed, mostly because of the rise in the number of home invasions in this country. I'm not going to shoot someone for stealing my stuff, but if anyone tries to harm me or my family in my home, we are going to shoot them and do other nasty stuff to them until they are not a threat. Period. I support our individual right to own and use fireams and other deadly weapons for self defense.

I'm sure the militia folks and other right wing people agree that I'm within my rights to defend myself and my family in this way.

I wonder if they would agree with me that had William Sparkman been carrying a gun when his killers took and murdered him, he might be alive today, and the people who killed him might be dead instead?

I really do wonder how the right wing feels about a census workers right to bear arms while doing their work. I'm guessing they'd say that allowing census takers to be armed is akin to forming a national police force to take their guns, or some nonsense like that.

As if the man doesn't share our rights just because he's a Fed.

Let me know, right wing people. Or anyone.


  1. I wonder if one of these yahoos was struggling to survive after their boat capsized, and a Coast Guard helicopter came along to rescue them, would they try to hang the Coast Guard too because they are Federal employees? I'm afraid that you may be trying to rationalize with the irrational.

  2. You see my point exactly, as per usual Mike. When someone believes that anything said by a person is a lie, it's impossible to reason together. When someone believes that everything a government does is nefarious and designed to enslave the population, they are unable to participate in a democracy.

    It's time to let Texas and Louisiana go, and let these kinds of people go live there.

    Of course, the republicans are all about the constitution now, claiming that since access to health care isn't in there we have no right to it. The census is actually in the constitution, making this that much more ironic.