Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soft Landing for the United States

Tea party moron excoriating us "Morans"

It's really gone too far with the right and the left. We need a new "Civil" war, one fought with a genuine concern for the folks on each side, so our dysfunctional country can have a soft landing.

My states rights friends are right. The central issue is the idea that participation in the United States, or the Union, is voluntary at the individual state level. I agree. Lincoln was wrong.

I don't think the country has been this divided since the onset of the Civil War in 1861.

The right and the left in this country can agree on nothing. We are as gridlocked as a government can be. The right claims that anything proposed by Obama's side is socialist, wrong, big government, and bad, bad, bad.. The right's behavior makes them look like they've been bought by big business, especially the insurance industry, and that makes it pretty hard for anyone to negotiate anything with them. No compromise seems possible. So be it.

The right can get nothing done legislatively, and the left only by fiat because they have the votes. Time for a change, I say.

Let's break the country up.

How to do it? I'm not sure. Referendum? Break by Red/Blue? Red/Blue is how it's going split regardless of how we do it, and how it is split now, so let's assume that for the purpose of this essay.

We're going to have to accept that the two nations that result from the split of the United States are going to be second tier powers like the UK, France, and Germany, leaving China as the only superpower. I expect that the Blue United States (called what I don't know) will join the European Union or at least maintain close ties with Europe. The Red United States, of course, won't. But the EU plus the Blue USA can counter China.

Let's let Texas take the lead. They lead in executing their citizens. They nearly lead in the high school drop out rate. They lead in illiteracy. They already want to secede from the Union. Clearly they have a jump on the process, so let's let them drive it.

We have to get a country where reasonable people can disagree, yet still cooperate. The United States of America as it is constituted today is not that. America is permanently broken. Let's be done with it and make two separate countries where like-minded people can get along and govern. Go live in whichever one you want. Redland or Blueland.


  1. Ahhh, if only it were that easy. The cities are blue, the rural areas are red, and the suburbs somewhere in the middle. I'm thinking that the break-up might be similar to what happened in India and Pakistan, and the suburbs become the new Kashmir.

    This topic makes me depressed. I don't know the answer.

  2. Mike,

    Insightful comment as always. I suppose if Texas and Louisiana secede as many in those states seem to want, rural right wing folks could relocate there.

    My best friend and I disagree politically, yet we respect each other intellectually - he's a very smart person.

    It's true believer syndrome ( in action on the right. No matter what proof is offered on death panels and the other nonsense being put out there about health care, no one on the right acknowledges or believes what's true.

    It certainly is depressing.

  3. Bob, Interesting read on the true believer syndrome. I had never heard about it. I've been contemplating a post on "faith." Not in a religious perspective, but more about how we believe who we choose to believe. I'm not an expert on weather, atmosphere, the economy, foreign policy, etc., but there are people who I have faith in to inform me about those things. Other people choose different people. There may be a post in there somewhere.

  4. That's exactly what people do, choose on a subjective basis what to believe. Much as I like watch Olberman and others on MSNBC, I have to admit that having Fox out there let's the right listen only to a spin on things that they agree with, just MSNBC does for me.

    My big problem with Fox et al is that, while the left does spin things some, the right just puts blatant lies out there, and they are pretty shameless about it.

  5. Jim L6:11 PM

    With the sweeping changes in demographics and folks becoming more atomized and alienated from the degenerate mainstream culture it strikes me that the balkanization of North America in inevitable. What I do not agree with is that it will split on red-blue lines.

    The old left-right dichotomy has become not only increasingly meaningless over time but it's not inclusive of views that entirely transcend it (3rd positionists, traditionalists, and so on). Simple, there are too many folks out there -- like me -- that don't fall into either the red or the blue category for a division like that to be feasible in the long run. The answer, in my view, lies in a dividing North America into small decentralized tribal communities built along affinity.

    This is the only way, in my opinion, to maintain true diversity. People by and large desire to live in communities with other folks that share their views and values. Multiculturalism simply does not work on a large scale -- there is too much conflict and deadlock.

    Let the nutty Christers and right-wingers have their own geographic territory. Let the nutty Marxists and left-wingers have theirs. I'm going somewhere else.

  6. I am just wondering if that guy is trying to spell "moron"?

  7. If he only had a brain....