Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wire Tourism

Bodie Broadus's Corner

Like many other people, I'm a huge fan of The Wire. The show, even though it's much more than a show, was filmed in Baltimore. While I was repossessing vehicles, I spent a lot of time in the city. At some point, I started trying to find the filming locations I was seeing in The Wire. Some were easy to find, many were difficult.

I photographed and documented as many locations as I could find. One of the confusing problems was that much of the first season was filmed at locations on the east side, even though the story was about west side drug dealers. Many locations on the east side were in neighborhoods with a lot of drug dealing going on.

I've often wondered if there would be customers for a tour of Baltimore visiting Wire locations. I know there is interest out there, and maybe fans of the show from out of town would pay to take a tour.


  1. If people are reconsidering whether or not they should go to the Inner Harbor due to the latest gang related shooting, I'm not so sure that they want to be riding in a van to some of the filming locations - although my wife did ask me to drive through the West side during our last date night in Baltimore due to heavy interest in The Wire. I've heard a lot of stories about ex-cast members in the news recently. A "where are they now" post might be kind of interesting, even though it hasn't been that long since the last season.

  2. Bowie Mike: I agree - hyper violence or even mundane violence in the Pratt Street Pavillion is going to be a problem for a lot of people who would otherwise visit the inner harbor, let alone folks who might want to travel to some of the drug-ridden neighborhoods where The Wire was filmed.

    However, in all my repoman work and my personal Wire tourism, I have had a few interactions with street level drug dealers, and those interactions were civil, businesslike and non-violent. They simply asked if I wanted to buy drugs.

    My point is that in the beefing over corners and colors, drug dealers tend not to shoot potential customers, instead shooting each other, but to your point, that's pretty hard to get tourists/citizens to understand. They feel threatened, and I don't blame them.

    So, I'm not starting up anytime soon.

    As to where are they now, I see some of the actors working, but I don't watch enough TV/Movies to know. It's all on though.

  3. After I posted my comment, I realized that the people considering not going to the Inner Harbor anymore aren't really the same people that would consider a tour like you mentioned. So I'm disagreeing with my own comment.

    As far as what's been happening to the cast, I was thinking about a story about a gunfight outside the baby shower for Jamie Hector's wife, and sure enough, there is a story on imdb. On D.C. area radio, I have also heard radio commercials for M&T Bank that feature Lance Redic and John Doman.