Sunday, August 02, 2009

Police Interceptor?

This is the problem with photography at 70 miles per hour, kind of like the "spray and pray" technique of gunfighting, a style I ascribe to.

I do like this photo, as accidental as it is. It juxtaposes the tiny, charming and completely functional Miata cockpit with a giant car from yesteryear. Henri Cartier-Bresson, a great photographer, might have looked at this photo for a second or two. Like Henri was famous for, I didn't crop or edit this image, it's what got shot..

Don't know yet what this car is, but there is a spotlight on the drivers side A pillar. Some kind of police car?


  1. I was trying to make out the words on the bumper and trunk lid. I guess next time you'll need to focus more on the picture taking and less on your driving. :)

    I believe what you have there is a 1940s era Dodge. It says "Dodge" up top, and on the bumper it says "Fluid Drive." Below are a couple of links, including some pictures of similar era Dodge cars. You can see the similarities in the emblem and lights.

    I guess these must have been commonly converted into police cars back in the day.


  2. Bowie Mike:

    I'm pretty sure you have nailed it! Thanks Mike. I love a mystery solved.