Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sometimes you want eggs for dinner.

I remember when I was a boy struggling at St. George's school in Newport, RI my dad would come out from the cape and take me to lunch. We often went to the Black Pearl and it was always great.

Once, we had our Sunday lunch at a French place in town called La Petite Auberge. Typical French fare and they had eggs benedict, which I ordered. Dad ordered it too, and it was good.

I make eggs benedict sometimes, and poach the eggs in my brilliant Williams Sonoma egg poacher, but it's a pain in the ass, and sometimes more than I want to do. So how about eggs on corned beef hash? It was a staple on my boat in my cruising days, and it's easy and good.

I cook the hash (Hormel, never Libby's which is awful) the way Julia Child says to, so it forms a nice crisp crust. Flip it however you can, like a pancake, and do the other side. Reserve.

You can fry the eggs, but I poach them at low heat in vegetable oil. I get perfect whites and perfectly raw yolks. It's the yolks mixing with the hash that makes this dish a good thing.

I did mention that this blog can have a bit of a mundane bent.

Eggs, poaching gently in oil

What about the eggs benedict? Simple. I do it this way:

  • Perfectly poached eggs ( I use the Williams-Sonoma poacher for this dish)
  • White toast
  • Perfect Hollandaise Sauce. Recipes are everywhere, and it's simple to make.
  • Smoked Salmon
Assemble as usual substituting the toast (cut off the crust) for the traditional english muffins, and the salmon for the canadian bacon. It's a much more elegant eggs benedict.

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