Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Miatas Like Mine

Each year between 1994 and 1997, Mazda created a special, or "M", edition of the Miata, the best selling sports car in history.
My 1995 M Edition in Merlot Mica paint in a light snow. There were 3,000 of these made.

I traveled to Houston, TX to get this one. It's my easy project car. To be made perfect, it needs a new top, the wheels refinished, and some paint. A new engine is in the future, but this one pulls like new at 200,000 miles so no rush there. It's a perfectly functional and fun daily driver right now.

I'm driving along on the Baltimore Beltway today and spot another 95 M just like mine. Remarkable in itself to see one, but he waves enthusiastically and follows me off the highway, so I stop in a gas station, and he follows me in. He's Lenny, and we have a nice chat about how great these Miatas are, check out each other cars, and I make a new friend.

13 years ago when I had my first Miata, nearly every Miata driver would give a friendly wave as we went by each other. We were all so jazzed about having this great little car. Now they are so mainstream, especially the NC's, that instead of them mostly being owned by enthusiasts, they seem to be owned by regular folks who can't fathom why someone is waving at them from the same car they are driving. I guess it's the price of success.

It was nice to meet Lenny today.

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