Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let's Indite Cheney and His Henchmen

Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States August 8, 1974. He resigned because he tried to use the CIA to stop the FBI from investigating the illegal activities he put into motion known collectively as the Watergate Scandal. It turns out it's illegal to try to use the CIA to obstruct justice, and he was about to be impeached for breaking the law.

It looks like it's also illegal for a sitting vice president to order the CIA not to brief congress about a major intelligence program, whether it's been operationalized or not. Dick Cheney ordered the CIA not to brief congress on at least one of these programs. He broke the law.

War making, the decision to go to war, fabricating and manipulating intelligence, along with the manipulation of public opinion, and ordering torture all look to have been Cheney's responsibility. Forming his own analytic group within DIA to fabricate intelligence, co-opting George Tenet, waterboarding people to try to get them to admit to weapons of mass destruction being produced in Iraq, abandoning diplomacy at every chance in favor of force, tricking or coercing Colin Powell into lying to the UN about Iraq (how Cheney did that remains a mystery), the Pflame/Wilson smear, marginalizing Congress, Good Lord, is there anything the man has done in office that is not illegal, underhanded, ungentlemanly, misguided, weak-minded or wrong?

Let's indite Cheney and the lawyers that wrote the "tortured", torture is OK memos, starting with Addington and Yoo.

Uh-oh, there are un-American views being touted. Shout them down!

We're number one! We're number one!

We chant it, but we're not number one. It's true we pissed away trillions of dollars on a misguided war with Iraq. But fifty million uninsured souls and a corrupt government, hijacked by a paranoid vice president hiding at an undisclosed location don't make for number one, it's "number two".

If I wanted a government with unbridled executive power I could live in North Korea. Too bad Cheney couldn't figure out how to deal with them. Nuclear weapons are real  weapons of mass destruction. North Korea has them, Iraq never did, but Cheney/Bush never did a thing about that except the wrong thing, which was invading Iraq. I guess negotiating or dealing with clever Koreans was too hard for them.

Today, 25% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans, and that number is trending down. Goodbye neocon morons. Can we get some ordinary decent Republican criminals like Nixon in your stead? At least Nixon was smart enough to hire Henry Kissinger, bail from Vietnam, go to China, and make detente with the Soviets.

You neocon dolts were just crude criminals.

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