Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baltimore Criminals are Dolts

I've blogged on a possible solution to the drug wars in Baltimore. This recent episode where eighteen people were shot is a whole new outrage, and it's completely over the top.
When I wrote about how the Mafia running crime in Baltimore might be a better thing than the mess we have now, I hadn't seen anything like this. Civilians, women and children shot in an attempt to kill one guy, ostensive leader of one of the two warring gangs. This war is unique because the West side is beefing with the East side. We all know who the families are.

There is an important point to consider here. Many people don't care what the body count in Baltimore is. That's because the people getting killed are involved in the drug trade, and so who cares if they get shot? One can make this argument, and many would. But what about the friends and relatives of the drug dealers? Are they fair game? To at least one of the warring drug families, the answer is clearly yes.

Have we ever seen the Mafia do a hit like this, shooting civilians? Not to my knowledge. They kill soldiers and bosses when they shoot. Not children, not non-combatant women.

Baltimore, your organized criminals are third-rate chumps. Shooting civilians? Please. Is this is an expansion of the war, taking it to the non-drug trade people. I hope not.

Doesn't ANY responsible, competent criminal organization want this business? Hell, at this point I'd take Hamas. They're decent smugglers and at least they know how to sell stolen cigarettes. I'm sure they could rise to the occasion and do at least as good a job of retailing heroin, with much less shooting, than these hyper-violent idiots we're stuck with.

Ultimately, to stop this stupid violence, heroin and other drugs must be legalized, taxed, and regulated, just like liquor. Are there any gang liquor wars now? Of course not. What woud be the point?

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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    The Mafia in Philly got very sloppy for a while when the young guys were trying to take over from their fake Greenpeace headquarters in South Philly. One of the reasons they all ended up dead or in jail was that they started hitting civilians and drawing major attention.

    No one cares when criminals kill each other (although the certainly SHOULD) only when there is collateral damage.

    I've never understood who gives a rats ass about East Side - West Side. Get a map people, the West side stretches all the way to LA, while the best the East can manage is Salisbury... You know who's gonna win ;)