Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hunting Tiny Pests

Woke to screams from Kim at 5.45AM. One of these awful things was standing on her arm. She jumped on me, it jumped under the bed.
It's a camelback cricket, part cricket, part spider. They come up from under the house once in a while if it gets cool at night. They're coming up too frequently lately.

It took me a good while to kill the vile beast. They are good at evading, jumping erratically when you get within five feet or so of them. They have a big hop. Eventually I got him and we were able to go back to bed. But it took way more effort than it should have, so I got one of these today.

It's an Umarex Co2 powered soft air pistol that fires 6mm BBs at 300 feet per second. These crickets just stand still until you get to within about 5 feet of them, so I've been shooting this at that range and it is amazingly accurate for a smooth bore pistol. I can get pretty consistent double taps within an inch of the point of aim (there is no recoil so it's easy).

It's cricket season, but we need to attack them with chemicals as well to get rid of them for good..

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