Friday, June 19, 2009


The church at Pingveller, Iceland

A lot of of the attraction of writing a blog is being able to easily include my photography. I only put my photos on my blog (with one exception). Despite a stint as a professional photographer I don't consider my self a real pro by a long shot. Taking properly exposed photographs is easy, but thinking behind the lens is harder.  I worked in a niche, photographing residential properties for sale, and it was formulaic and the real work was promoting the business. If the real estate market hadn't collapsed, I'd probably still be at it.

So, I'm an amateur photographer at best, and most of my photos are documentary rather than some sort of art.

A while back Bob Richardson bought my uncle Bob Emmons house on Toby Island in Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod. He and my dad and stepmother became friends after that, so I would see Bob once in a while when I visited the cape. He's a great guy.

Bob was director of photography on a bunch of amazing movies where the cinematography is really spectacular and well done. Kill Bill, The Aviator, Snow Falling on Cedars, Nixon, and Natural Born Killers are some of the movies that I think Bob filmed with unbelievable innovation, vision and skill. There are a lot more. I'm a huge fan of his work.

A few years ago, I took an early spring trip to Iceland and took a lot of photos. When I visited my dad shortly after that and showed him my Iceland photos, he insisted we go over to see Bob and show them to him.

Bob took a look and said they were "pretty good".

Kind words, from a man who knows better.

Here's a picture Bob took of me during a family reunion. I think it's pretty good.

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