Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Bloody Hell

I sometimes walk in Silver Creek Park. There is a lot of wildlife there, and I like to see the birds and the occasional fish. My usual (safer) exercise is walking on the sidewalk in my neighborhood.

With all the the rain we've had there's a lot of mud, and I slipped and fell on the creek bank. The Samsung Rant went into the creek. It's dead.

I also wrecked my right shoulder some, but I think it just might be bruised.

I'll replace the Rant with a Samsung Instinct. It has a bigger screen than the Rant, and 3-D GPS. I have a good GPS for the car, but there's a real advantage to having a GPS on you when you are walking around in a city. I could have used one when I was in Memphis last year.

I made a promise to myself to try hard to be careful and not to fall down as I grow older, but I did fall, and in a bad place. I need to get into better shape so I fall less and care less when I do.

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