Monday, June 01, 2009

Let's Go to Memphis in the Meantime

Throw some John Hiatt on and off to Memphis. I've been through a few times by car years ago and never stopped. I stopped this time, and stayed in their downtown, right across the street from a the Peabody Hotel, a very elegant place (too exepensive for me to stay at, but I did eat there and watch the parade of ducks. I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express, which was a renovated older hotel and pretty nice, but the Peabody it ain't).

The ducks spend their day in the lobby fountain, which was carved from a single piece of Italian marble, and is spectacular even without the ducks.
 I had dinner in the Peabody Hotel's 4 star French restaurant, Chez Philippe. I couldn't resist. There were snails, a tiny grouper ceviche (served in one mouthful on a Japanese soup spoon), frogs legs, lamb, a pinot noir that rocked, and a muscedet that rocked even more. Then a cheese tray for desert with a 20 year old port. It was an utterly perfect and decadent meal.
The view from my plate was this:

And the service was brilliant. I waited tables in a nice restaurant in college and really appreciate it when it's done well.

The Peabody is a unique, extremely elegant hotel with an interesting history, and you should visit it if you are in Memphis.

After dinner I hit Beale Street, home of the blues. The blues give me the blues, so when I heard some Johnny Cash coming out of this place, in I went, and found a great band covering Cash and Bob Dylan. And doing both really well. I stayed for the night and they were great.

Memphis was pretty cool. Went to Graceland, and you've all seen the pictures of that place so I'll spare you mine. The Graceland handlers make sure you don't use flash photography, and they make sure there is no visiting any bathrooms in the mansion for fear you might sit on the King's throne.
On to Nashville, and then to the Shenandoa valley. Then Home, probably via Shepherdstown WV and Antietam  NMP.

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  1. I did get to have lunch in the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, and it was delicious as always. It was Sunday Brunch. A Lexus tried to push me over South Mountain, and I dusted him off. It helps to know the roads and the limits of your car. Twit.