Friday, June 26, 2009

Hunting Tiny Pests Update

Just one day after the awful camelback cricket at dawn incident, and one of the terrible creatures appears around midnight in the living room. I heard him, of all things, and went over to the stairs to investigate. There he was, next to the piano just standing there being a loathsome cricket-spider.

The plan and the tool work. I double tapped him with the Umarex pellet pistol. Wounded, he fled under the piano. Should have got him with the first two shots. but at least I hit him. Nailed him under the piano with a third shot a few seconds later. Ex-cricket.

Instead of a twenty minute misadventure trying to swat him while he repeatedly leaps out of the way, and ultimately gets away (the usual outcome), I just picked up his corpse with a paper towel, and off to cricket Heaven he went.

No drama, no damage to the house. A 30 second evolution and it's done. I even recovered the pellets so they're not laying around. They do bounce around a bit, though. No real telling where they will end up.

The Umarex rocks. The cricket is gone, my back doesn't hurt, I don't have cricket on me, and I get some target practice, albeit at close range. But they are tiny so it's like hitting a real target at 21 feet. It takes the same concentration.

God help any human home invaders. It won't be the Umarex for them.

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