Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Driving Too Fast, and Too Slow

I decided to try videoing a drive through Loch Raven.

Loch Raven is where we get our drinking water from.. It's a dammed up river that floods a small valley. They built a road along the banks of the new "loch", and since the road is on the side of some hills it's twisty and a challenging drive in a sports car. Local motorcyclists like to run this road, as do local Miata drivers. Deal's Gap (possibly the mother of all challenging, twisty roads) it isn't, but it's a fun miniature version, like one scale off the Dragon's tail.

I zip tied a small tripod to the cross brace, put the camera on and took off. This turns out to be pretty fun. I used my Lumix DMC-FX01 which has a proper 16X9 format for both photos and video, so it's wide enough to get a full windshield-wide shot. It's also wide enough to show that I don't know squat about keeping my hands where they belong on the wheel. I shot these at 10 frames per second, and they really should have been at 30 fps, which this camera can do. I wonder if YouTube would degrade that 30 fps video, I'll have to try it.

This run is from Cromwell Bridge Rd North to the dam:

This is from Dulaney Valley Rd South to the dam, and I get stuck behind a slow car during the best part of that section:

I really like the annotation feature on YouTube.

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