Friday, April 17, 2009


I've been doing automobile repossessions for a week or so now. None of the cars I've seized have involved any violence whatsoever. Then today some crazy motherfucker on foot comes at me with a board for no reason at all, and of course it was in Pimlico, on Narcissuss Ave of all places. Threw it in reverse and backed up about 200 feet, and when he got close enough that I could pass him and still make a safe turn with a stop onto Glen, I blew past him. He was shouting the crazy shit that these crazy people shout.

In fact, of all the bad Baltimore neighborhoods I'm in daily, this one is the worst. In the drug neighborhoods, which are numerous, I have no problems. The drug dealers just want to sell drugs, and if you aren't buying they ignore you. This Pimlico neighborhood has the most non-drug-related violence of anywhere in the city. What a mess. 

No more repoing with the top down no matter how nice a day it is. Not in the crap neighborhoods anyway.