Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Family Heritage

Dad in the US Navy during WWII, me in the US Navy in the early 1980's. Dad's brothers, and their father, my grandfather, fought in WWI and WWII.

It's ironic that Jeannie does genealogy as a hobby, because she seems to be trying to cut me out of the kid's family tree, both literally and practically. She is denying visitation with the kids in contravention of the separation agreement we both signed, the same agreement she is seeking to have enforced by court order. She wants to move to Washington state with the kids, so I won't be able to see them other than very occasionally, and therefore won't have an ongoing relationship with them.

We all have our families - good, bad or indifferent.
We can choose the level of interaction we wish to have with our immediate and extended family members. I think it's generally a good decision to overlook minor quirks and foibles in immediate family, and to try to maintain a relationship. I also think it's a good idea to overlook, or try to resolve, major differences as well. Relationships with family members are valuable.

The consensus that children of divorce benefit in myriad ways from having a relationship with both their parents is deep and wide, in every community where such opinions are offered.

I can only imagine that Jeannie's anger toward, and hatred of me are so great that she can't bring herself to acknowledge this, and to do the right and best thing for her children.

It's been two years since we separated formally, and several years since we separated within our house. I wonder if Jeannie will ever find a way to get past her anger and resume a normal life. For MIles and Annabelle's sake, I hope so.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My friends Tanya and Larry were married today, October 1st, 2005.
Canon Powershot A85
All the photos I took are here