Friday, April 01, 2005

Robert E. Lee equestrian monument at the Newcomer farm, Sharpsburg, MD
Canon Powershot A85

Kim and I visited Antietam National military Park and on the way home I noticed this equestrian status of RE Lee, located at the Newcomer farm. It was erected by the current owner of the farm, William Chaney. He outbid the Park Service for the place and then put this up - he is a descendant of Lee's. He also completely renovated the Newcomer farmhouse, and did a nice job.

A lot of people want this monument taken down, because it is in the middle of the rear of the Union lines as the were disposed on the day of the actual battle.

It's a good looking monument, and I think it's fine right where it is - Lee and all of his army passed this way on their way to their ultimate positions west of here.