Saturday, January 29, 2005


I grew up sailing, and come from a family of sailors. My grandfather was starting helmsman and a member of the afterguard on Rainbow.

Rainbow, the America's Cup Defender in 1934.

Grandfather and Dad around 1916-1917
My dad is partial to powerboats, but took the time to purchase a sailing dinghy when I was a boy, and taught me and my brother Nat how to sail. I loved the freedom I felt being charge of even a small boat, and took immediately to sailing.
Me, Nat and Francesca aboard Dad's Compass Rose

I bought an Alberg 30 (see Spinsheet magazines review of the boat) in 1992 and named her Annabelle after my daughter. I cruised all over the Chesapeake bay on that boat, often with my good friends Doug Lucy and Joe (not his real name), and my brother Nat. Nat had a variety of boats, including a C&C 27 and a 1941 Hinckley Islander, a lovely old wooden sloop.

My Alberg 30 Annabelle

What Next?

My next boat will be a catboat, like the Marsahll 18, or a Fisher motorosailor, either a 25 or a 30. All lovely boats.

Marshall 18 Catboat

Fisher 25 Motorsailor

Fisher 30 Motorsailor

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