Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh, The Mundaneness of it All

While out and about today, Annabelle shut the car door on her thumb, nastily mangling the nail, which she will lose. We had stopped at a coffee shop, so were able to get in there and get it in some ice quickly. We sat in there and a very nice older couple fussed over her, but to no avail. I'm always warmed by the kindness of strangers. A bit later the Motrin started to really work, and she was pain free and settled down watching a movie.

Miles has XBox live, which uses the ubuquity of broadband internet connectivity to allow users of this game console to play interactively, while communicating using voice. Here's what Miles looks like now with his XBox Live headset.

To think that as children my generation had no email, no internet, and a few television channels. We spent a lot of time being bored as kids - "there's nothing to do!" - but maybe we spent more time on introspective thinking. Or not.

I'd like to think that communications technology and the internet really don't change much but the speed and method of communications. Information is immediately available to anyone, and that's a good thing. Letter writing has been replaced by email, but not by everyone. In my case, not writing any letters ever to anyone has been replaced by emailing people, and by this web log, an improvement.

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