Sunday, January 23, 2005

Digital Photography

I enjoy photography. I shoot the usual pictures of my kids, friends and family, but I also like doing night photography and landscapes. For the past few years my cameras have been a Ricoh GR1s with a brilliant 28mm lens, a Canon Canonet QL17 that my dad gave me, a rangefinder with a wonderful fast and sharp 40mm 1.7 lens, and a Yashica T4 with a Zeiss lens to carry around. All of these cameras make beautiful negatives, because they all have incredibly good lenses.

I recently purchased a Canon Powershot A85. The convenience of not having to scan negatives is great, the camera has full manual, aperature and shutter priority, and with an external wide angle lens I can shoot at 24mm which is nice and wide. 8X10's look great.

The pictures, which are all over my web log, are good. I think I'll eventually feel like I need a better lens, like the one on the Leica Digilux 2 or it's Panasonic twin the DMC-LC1 which is identical and has the same lens.

Here are a couple of phots from the Powershot A85:

Shooting with available light is easier, and white balance is corrected.

But there is often more depth of field that I want seemingly regardless of aperture. This photo would probably be better if that woman's butt in the background were out of focus. This was shot at f2.8.

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