Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh, The Mundaneness of it All

While out and about today, Annabelle shut the car door on her thumb, nastily mangling the nail, which she will lose. We had stopped at a coffee shop, so were able to get in there and get it in some ice quickly. We sat in there and a very nice older couple fussed over her, but to no avail. I'm always warmed by the kindness of strangers. A bit later the Motrin started to really work, and she was pain free and settled down watching a movie.

Miles has XBox live, which uses the ubuquity of broadband internet connectivity to allow users of this game console to play interactively, while communicating using voice. Here's what Miles looks like now with his XBox Live headset.

To think that as children my generation had no email, no internet, and a few television channels. We spent a lot of time being bored as kids - "there's nothing to do!" - but maybe we spent more time on introspective thinking. Or not.

I'd like to think that communications technology and the internet really don't change much but the speed and method of communications. Information is immediately available to anyone, and that's a good thing. Letter writing has been replaced by email, but not by everyone. In my case, not writing any letters ever to anyone has been replaced by emailing people, and by this web log, an improvement.


I grew up sailing, and come from a family of sailors. My grandfather was starting helmsman and a member of the afterguard on Rainbow.

Rainbow, the America's Cup Defender in 1934.

Grandfather and Dad around 1916-1917
My dad is partial to powerboats, but took the time to purchase a sailing dinghy when I was a boy, and taught me and my brother Nat how to sail. I loved the freedom I felt being charge of even a small boat, and took immediately to sailing.
Me, Nat and Francesca aboard Dad's Compass Rose

I bought an Alberg 30 (see Spinsheet magazines review of the boat) in 1992 and named her Annabelle after my daughter. I cruised all over the Chesapeake bay on that boat, often with my good friends Doug Lucy and Joe (not his real name), and my brother Nat. Nat had a variety of boats, including a C&C 27 and a 1941 Hinckley Islander, a lovely old wooden sloop.

My Alberg 30 Annabelle

What Next?

My next boat will be a catboat, like the Marsahll 18, or a Fisher motorosailor, either a 25 or a 30. All lovely boats.

Marshall 18 Catboat

Fisher 25 Motorsailor

Fisher 30 Motorsailor

Monday, January 24, 2005

Night Photography in Cockeysville

Night time, from our apartment
Canon Powershot A85

Muffin, Cat and Wimpy

These are our cats,



and Wimpy.

Wimpy is the brave one, Muffin is the smart one, and Cat is the one that stays in the window.

At night, Wimpy likes to jump up on the bed to sleep next to Kim. He comes and goes throughout the night, and he always lands on me on his way over to Kim.

Here's a picture of Wimpy jumping up on me just the other night:

They really are the nicest cats, because they've lived with Kim their whole lives.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Digital Photography

I enjoy photography. I shoot the usual pictures of my kids, friends and family, but I also like doing night photography and landscapes. For the past few years my cameras have been a Ricoh GR1s with a brilliant 28mm lens, a Canon Canonet QL17 that my dad gave me, a rangefinder with a wonderful fast and sharp 40mm 1.7 lens, and a Yashica T4 with a Zeiss lens to carry around. All of these cameras make beautiful negatives, because they all have incredibly good lenses.

I recently purchased a Canon Powershot A85. The convenience of not having to scan negatives is great, the camera has full manual, aperature and shutter priority, and with an external wide angle lens I can shoot at 24mm which is nice and wide. 8X10's look great.

The pictures, which are all over my web log, are good. I think I'll eventually feel like I need a better lens, like the one on the Leica Digilux 2 or it's Panasonic twin the DMC-LC1 which is identical and has the same lens.

Here are a couple of phots from the Powershot A85:

Shooting with available light is easier, and white balance is corrected.

But there is often more depth of field that I want seemingly regardless of aperture. This photo would probably be better if that woman's butt in the background were out of focus. This was shot at f2.8.

January 2005 Snow Storm

We had the first real snow storm of the winter on Saturday. This is the view out the back of our apartment (Steeplechase) looking northeast.

January 2005 Snow Storm Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Kim and I

In December of 2003, I noticed Kim's listing on a Defense Language Institute alumni website. Curious, I sent her an email. We feel in love as quickly as we had twenty five years ago, and we are blissfully together now, living in Cockeysville, MD.

Kim and I at Dad's house in September 2004 Posted by Hello

There's not another woman on earth with whom I would go through a move from Old Orchard Beach, Maine to Maryland with a u-haul and three cats.

I do love her very, very much.

Wimpy, Cat, and Muffin

Which of these things is not like the others? Posted by Hello

Hunt Club Apartment Photos

We maybe should have moved into the Hunt Club apartments, which are quite near where we did go, Steeplechase. Pictures of the model two bedroom aparment at Hunt Club are at